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What will bring Indian retail investors back into the stock market?

Nandita Parker May 16, 2014   I believe it is crucial for India to attract domestic financial savings into its equity markets. These can act as a counterweight to volati

Market Guru – Rupee is most undervalued currency: Nandita A Parker

Sep 17, 2013 - Uploaded by Bloomberg TV India "We are seeing a correction in rupee now and hope to see it moving to 60 and below," says Nandita Parker. The US Fed will continue

India: How Long a Pause?

May 1, 2013 - Uploaded by MilkenInstitute The Milken Institute’s 2013 Global Conference in Los Angeles. Nandita Parker as a panelist touched upon various issues pertinent to t

Women-run hedge funds

Despite exclusion from old boys' club, women outperform the industry by Christin L. Munsch on Monday, February 11, 2013   Carrie McCabe - one of the most senior alterna

Why India Will Soon Outpace China

James Gruber, Forbes Asia 5/04/2014   On the face of it, the title of this article will seem absurd to many. While China’s economic growth has slowed, it’s still run